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Pro Co Turbo Rat Guitar Stomp Box On Speed!

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Feel the crunch and power of the distortion pedal designed to take you to new and unexplored heights. The Pro Co TurboRAT enables you to break away from the pack and drive beyond the realm of traditional distortion devices.

TurboRAT expands the versatility, sustain and unique "great RAT tone" which has made the RAT footpedal the distortion of choice for literally thousands of musicians worldwide. The maximum output of 2.8 V (P-P) is more than double that of the "Turbos" predecessors. Special care has been taken to preserve the hard-clipping harmonic distortion of the "great RAT tone" so that there is no sacrifice of sound in achieving its tremendous output.

This unit offers the same easy-to-use, smooth, variable controls for distortion amount, filter cutoff and volume level so you can preset just the right amount of overdrive, tune in on the presence and FLY! In addition, the TurboRAT has been designed to work equally well with guitars that utilize active electronics.

The TurboRAT is housed in Pro Co's classic, virtually indestructible steel enclosure with the simple-to-use "no tools required" battery compartment. The "Turbo" offers a sloped-face construction for easy switch activation, an LED indicator light which makes the on/off status easy to see, and glow-in-the-dark graphics and knob indicators for added visibility.

For trouble-free reliability on the road, the TurboRAT is comprised of a mil-spec glass-epoxy circuit board, conductive plastic controls, a heavy-duty industrial footswitch, a non-scuff mylar overlay with luminescent graphics, and durable nonskid feet. For 120 VAC operation a special jack is provided which accommodates the Pro Co RPS-1 power supply (sold separately).

Dare to go beyond the limits of your imagination. Kick on your TurboRAT and DRIVE!

  • Turbo charged with more than double the maximum output (More gain less sustain)
  • Overdrive pedal design great for enhancing a Marshall
  • Lower compression brighter tone
  • Rat of choice amongst bass players
  • Variable distortion amount, filter cut-off, and volume controls
  • Built for the abuse and neglect of life on the road