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Rane SM 26S Stereo Splitter/Mixer

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The Rane SM 26S Splitter Mixer is one of the most useful, yet unusual audio products available. In its most basic configuration, it is a six-to-two line level mixer. It will accept six balanced or unbalanced line level inputs which are applied to six Level and Pan controls. An additional stereo Master Input allows a total of eight inputs. The result of the mix is sent to an overall Master Output Level control and appears at the Left and Right Output jacks on the rear. In its splitter mode, the SM 26S can take one or two line level inputs and split these to any of the six Mono Outputs on the rear. The Mix/Pan controls in this mode control the level from each of the two input buses to be applied to each Output. Internal header blocks allow the Mix Output jacks to become an independent stereo out, allowing a total of eight outputs.

The SM 26S may also be used as a six input, six output buffer amplifier in which case signal applied to Input 1 is delivered to Output 1, and so on. The SM 26S may also be used in a combination of modes at once. For instance, Inputs 1 through 3 may be mixed to the left and/or right output busses while at the same time Outputs 4 and 5 are delivering signal originally applied to the Left and Right Master Inputs while at the same time Output 6 is being driven from Input 6 in the straight through mode.

The front of the SM 26S comprises a Master Input Level control, six Channel Level controls, six Mix/Pan controls and a Master Output level control. The rear of the SM 26B provides two Master Left and Right Inputs, six Channel Mono Inputs, six Channel Mono Outputs and two Master Mix Outputs. All Inputs and Outputs on the SM 26B are 1/4" TRS active balanced, 1/4" TS unbalanced compatible.


  • 10 dBV to +4 dBu Shifter
  • +4 dBu to 10 dBV Shifter
  • 6 Balanced Mono Inputs, 6 Balanced Mono Outputs
  • 2 Main Balanced Inputs, 2 Main Balanced Outputs
  • 6 Input Level Controls and 6 Mix/Pan Controls
  • Master Input and Output Level Controls
  • NEW! Internal Universal Power Supply (100-230 VAC)


  • 6 Mono Inputs, Stereo Output Line Mixer
  • 4 Stereo Inputs, Stereo Output Line Mixer
  • Stereo Input, 6 Mono Output Line Splitter
  • 1 Stereo Input, 4 Stereo Output Splitter
  • 6-In, 6-Out Booster Amplifier
  • Configurable to 8 Outputs