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Ashly LX-308B 8 Input Stereo Line Mixer

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The Ashly LX-308B is a true stereo eight channel line level mixer (it may also be used as a sixteen channel mono mixing unit). The LX-308B can be used on its own any time stereo line level sources need to be combined together. Some typical applications for the LX-308B would include boardroom sound systems, multimedia sound distribution, broadcast studios, mobile broadcast units, satellite downlink distribution, and live sound reinforcement or studio sessions. Each input of the LX-308B has a pair of balanced 1/4" TRS line input jacks, with level and pan controls on the front panel. All inputs may be used either balanced or unbalanced. Channels one and two are switchable for mic or line level to allow the use of microphones directly into those inputs without the need for separate preamplification. An input on/off switch with LED status indicator provides for convenient channel muting when needed. Two five-segment LED meters may be switched to indicate either input sums or Left and Right stereo output. Separate Left and Right clip indicators monitor all internal amplifiers to warn of any possible overload distortion. The LX-308B has both Left and Right outputs on 1/4" TRS phone jacks (all outputs may be used either balanced or unbalanced). Left and Right level controls, variable panning and stereo mute switch are found on the front panel, as is the overall level adjustment for the independent Mono summed output. Stereo headphones may be conveniently connected to the front of the mixer, and this output has its own level control. Pre-Master sub inputs and outputs may be used for linking the LX-308B to other mixers, such as the Ashly MM-508 eight input stereo microphone model. The LX-308B provides precise line-level mixing control in a single space rack-mountable package. Rugged, versatile, and backed by Ashlys exclusive Five Year Worry-Free Warranty, the LX-308B will provide years of reliable performance in applications demanding the very finest in professional audio quality.

  • Balanced Inputs and Outputs
  • Eight Stereo or Sixteen Mono Inputs
  • Individual Left, Right and Mono Outputs
  • Channel 1 & 2 Selectable Mic or Line Inputs
  • Unity Gain Signal Path Throughout When allLevel Controls are Set at Twelve O'Clock
  • L & R Level Meters w/Clip Indicators Monitorall Internal Amplifiers
  • Pre-Master Sub Inputs & Outputs for LinkingMultiple Mixers
  • Individual Channel Mute Switches
  • Stereo Output Mute Switch
  • Stereo Headphone Output with Level Control
  • U.L. Listed

The Ashly LX-308B stereo line level mixer provides eight input channels, each with on/off switches and peak signal detection. Other features include eight balanced stereo inputs for line level sources, the first two inputs with switchable 30dB gain for low impedance dynamic microphones. An additional 3.5mm front panel input jack is provided on channel 8 for a walk-up portable audio player input. A concentric level and pan control for each input adjusts channel volume and stereo position. Submaster inputs and outputs are provided for cascading two or more mixers. Ultra low-noise summing amplifiers combine the channel signals for the main outputs. A pair of 6-segment LED meter arrays monitor the main output levels. Separate level controls are provided for stereo, mono, and headphone outputs.