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In the world of pro audio we use mixers to take in all the different sound sources, everything from people screaming into microphones, to a smooth jazz tune streaming in from an iPod, and get the levels equalized, balanced out and ready to move on down the signal chain.

After going through a pro audio or DJ mixer, the signal might be fed directly to a pair of powered speakers. In a different scenario, the pro audio mixer might send the sound out to a crossover, so the audio signal can be divided between many different frequencies, which travel to different amplifiers, and from there on to different types of pro audio speakers.

In a simpler form, we might use a small hand held audio mixer just to take in two microphone signals, and process that signal so that we can feed it to a small powered speaker for a lecture.

No matter what size mixer you are using, or whether you use the mixer for pro audio signals, or disc jockey use, or something in between, mixers are a vital part of any pro audio system. When considering which mixer is right for you, consider how many inputs you are likely going to need, and how many busses, you wish to have at your disposal.

If all of this is confusing to you, please feel free to give us a call, and we can find a good pro audio mixer that fits your needs and your budget.