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CAD WX3010 UHF Wireless Body-Pack Microphone System w/ Earworn, Lav & Instrument Cable

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The CAD Audio WX3010 is a true diversity UHF wireless bodypack microphone system that features an E19 earworn microphone, an E29 lavalier microphone, and a GXGTR instrument cable. It can be used to capture audio in various venues for speech applications such as for singers, public speakers, stage and theater performances, and more. 

Featuring a wide frequency response of 40 Hertz to 15,000 Hertz and a dynamic range of 110 decibels, the body-pack system has multiple channels for maximum frequency flexibility. It offers connectivity with a minimal of interference and can run up to 15 systems simultaneously per frequency band. It is built with ScanLink technology to provide instantaneous and automatic channel configuration, and there is an automatic tone-encoded squelch to help prevent and eliminate unauthorized interference.

Furthermore, the transmitter and receiver both have LCD displays for monitoring system status, and the transmitter has 10, 30, and 50 mW power adjustments to aide in multiple system applications. Additionally, the receiver is built with a metal chassis to provide a durable and shielded enclosure. This receiver features 1/4" and XLR outputs to connect to a mixer source. Rack ears, a joining kit, and a durable carry case are also included.

True Diversity to minimize multipath interference
CADLock™ Automatic Tone Encoded Squelch eliminates unauthorized interference
Frequency agile operation for maximum frequency plan flexibility
ScanLink™ technology for instantaneous and automatic channel configuration
CADTone™ Body Pack input – Optimized Impedance interface - Hi-Z for Guitar and Lo-Z for mic