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CAD GXLVHBH VHF Wireless Combo System- Handheld and Bodypack Microphone System H Frequency Band

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The CAD Audio VHF Wireless H Frequency Band Combo System includes a RXGXLV 2-channel wireless receiver, a TXHGXLV handheld microphone transmitter, a TXBGXLV bodypack transmitter, a WXHM headworn condenser mic and a WXGTR guitar cable adapter. It is set to CAD's H frequency band at 185.8 and 213.74 MHz.

The handheld and bodypack transmitters each have on/off and mute switches and are powered by a single 9-volt battery for approximately 10 hours of operation. The included headworn mic and guitar cable adapter allows to use the bodypack transmitter for vocals as well as instruments. The receiver features 3 output options for flexibility - an XLR for channel A, a 1/4" out for channel B and an XLR mix output of channels A and B.