Audio Technica AE2500 Dual-element Cardioid Instrument Microphone (Kick Drum Microphone)

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The ultimate kick-drum mic, the Audio Technica Artist Elite AE2500 dual-element instrument microphone features cardioid condenser and dynamic capsules combined in one housing. The dynamic element in the AE2500 delivers the aggressive attack of the beater; the condenser captures the round tonalities of the shell. Two layers of resistive mesh form multiple densities over the dynamic elements side-entry ports, exercising precise control over the time at which off-axis signals arrive at the diaphragm. The AE2500's condenser diaphragm is optimally tensioned and aged for long-term consistency and stability. The Audio Technica AE2500 was used to mic bass cabinets at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremony!

Features Of The Audio Technica AE2500 Condenser/Dynamic Instrument Microphone

  • The ultimate kick-drum mic
  • Revolutionary dual-element design represents a ground-breaking transducer achievement
  • Two elements (condenser and dynamic) are enclosed in a single housing
  • Dynamic element delivers the aggressive attack of the beater while the condenser captures the round tonalities of the shell
  • Elements are positioned in a perfect phase relationship, something practically unachievable with two separate microphones
  • Robust design for enduring dependability on the road
  • Integral 80 Hz HPF switch and 10 dB pad on condenser element
  • Includes a 16.5' cable (5-pin XLRF to two standard 3-pin XLRM connectors) for separate control over each element