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APEX130 Surface Mount Condenser Microphone

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One of the most unique and most versatile mics in the Apex line is the APEX130 surface mount condenser microphone. The APEX130 is a low profile condenser boundary microphone designed for conference rooms, council chambers, church pulpits or lecterns. It also has been found to be an ideal solution for reinforcing or recording stage plays, orchestral and operatic performances or dance performances where the sound of the stage is as important to the audience as the music.

It has found itself to be the microphone of choice for live sound reinforcement or recording instruments like grand pianos, in some bass drums or around percussion sections. It is also ideal for any and all broadcast applications where full and natural room sound is a necessity.

The distinct advantage of the APEX130 is apparent when mounted on a large flat surface. Direct and reflected sound arrive at the diaphragm in phase. This means that the directionality of the microphone is increased, the user sees more gain before feedback and increased suppression of unwanted ambient noise. The superior design of the APEX130 means phase coherency up to the highest frequencies resulting in wide, smooth frequency response and increased sensitivity.