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As we like to say at Direct Pro Audio, "It all starts at the mic". If you have invested in a poor quality microphone, you are going to get poor quality sound, no matter how good your mixer, amplifiers, or speakers are. Investing in a good microphone pays dividends in other areas as well.

For Instance, did you know that a good quality microphone can allow you to get more volume before feedback?

Did you know that microphones have different pickup patterns? 

Do you know the difference between a condenser microphone and a dynamic microphone? 

You should have a good understanding about how microphones work and what microphone is best suited for your particular use, BEFORE you spend any hard earned money. You can call us with your specific questions, and we will be happy to assist you. Our toll free number is 866-444-8090.

One last secret, sometimes you may face feedback problems that we can help you solve over the phone without spending a dime. In a great many circumstances, people have not adjusted their gain staging properly, thus causing a very high chance for feedback. Call us, no pressure, we are here to help.