Mackie SRM350v3 10 Inch Two-Way Full Range Powered Speaker

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1000 Watt 10 inch powered speaker. SRMv3 loudspeakers are the perfect tool for singer-songwriters touring the local coffee shops. 2 Combo inputs and xlr out. Great little lightwieght monitor. Easy to hall around at 27 lbs

Bring your favorite axe and mic, SRMv3 loudspeakers and cables and power cords.
In this example, a dynamic microphone is connected to the channel 1 input of an SRM350v3
loudspeaker, used for monitoring purposes. Be sure that the gain knob is set to “mic” in order to
get an extra boost for the mic. If anything other than a microphone is attached to a channel input,
make sure the gain knob is set to anything other than “mic” [“line” is a safe bet]. From there,
adjust the gain as described on page 10.
Now grab your axe and plug it directly into the channel 2 input. Or if you use effects, connect
the guitar to the effects input and another cable from the effects output to the channel 2 input.
Set the channel two gain knob to “line”.