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Yorkville C170 Coliseum Mini Series 100 Watt Installation Speaker

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The Yorkville C170 is, by far, our most popular installation speaker. We install the C170 into everything from bowling centers to houses of worship. In addition, we have put them outside, albeit in locations that will not be exposed to severe weather. There are many installation speakers out there that sound great in low impedance mode, but sound awful in 70 volt mode. This is due to the fact that the manufacturer places a crappy transformer in the speaker.

The Yorkville C170 sounds very nice in 70 volt mode, as long as you have a decent amplifier. I know several companies that have used Yorkville C170s with a cheap 70 volt amplifier and have complained about the results. We typically install the C170's with Crown, Crest or QSC amplifiers. We have been very happy with the results. The Yorkville C170's have a sound quality that is hard to believe given their small size and cost. Without exaggeration, the C170's can keep up with installation speakers that are two or three times more expensive.

In addition, Yorkville has been kind enough to include the mounting brackets (other manufacturers charge extra for the brackets to their installation speakers). If you need to produce a robust, solid sound on a tight budget, the Yorkville C170's are the obvious solution.

Features of the Yorkville C170 taken directly from the Yorkville website: The integrated 70V 'matching transformer' allows multiple C170's to be connected together without danger of overloading the power amplifier due to impedance drop. The user has a choice of three sensitivity settings (6W, 12.5W, 25W or bypass) selected via a rotary switch located on the rear panel of the speaker, allowing convenient adjustment of the relative volumes of multiple interconnected cabinets.

The Yorkville C170 is based on the already popular C110, C120 and C130, which have a complete list of features that make them an extremely good value for fixed installations. The C170, is a compact 100-watt loudspeaker made from an ABS plastic enclosure with an 8-inch driver and 1 inch Mylar tweeter, and features both dual binding posts and 1/4" connectors for maximum versatility.

The trapezoidal shape makes the Yorkville C170 ideal for install or array mounting in tight locations. Shipped with a rugged proprietary U-bracket for wall or ceiling mounting, they are a very versatile and cost-effective solution where superior sonic quality is required for small installations, or as a repeater or fill cabinet in larger venues. An optional polemount adapter (C170ADAPT) is also available for applications where placing the C170 on a speaker stand is required. The C170 is also available in white as the C170W, for situations where a more discreet speaker is required.

Specifications Of The Yorkville C170

  • System Type: 2-Way
  • Active or Passive: Passive
  • Program Power (Watts): 100
  • Biampable: No
  • Nominal Impedance (Ohms): 8
  • Sensitivity (dB @1Watt/1m): 93
  • Max SPL (dB): 113
  • Frequency Response (Hz +/- 3db): 60 - 20000
  • Driver Configuration: 8 inch / 1 inch dome tweeter
  • HF Driver(s): 1 inch Mylar Dome Tweeter
  • LF Driver(s): 8 inch
  • LF Program Power(Watts): 100
  • LF Impedance(Ohms): 8
  • Inputs - 1/4" Jacks: 2
  • Inputs - Binding Post: Yes
  • Feet: Yes
  • Included Hardware: Mounting Bracket
  • Pole Mount Adapter (1 3/8"-3.5cm): Optional Adapter (C170ADAPT)
  • Enclosure Materials: ABS Plastic
  • Grille: Perforated Metal
  • Optional Covering / Finishes: Available Black or White (C170W)
  • Dimensions (DWH xbackW, inches): 11.25 x 9.75 x 16.25 x 9.5
  • Dimensions (DWH xbackW, cm): 28.5 x 25 x 42 x 24
  • Weight (lbs/kg): 14.5 / 6.6