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Yorkville NX750P-2 15" 2-Way 750 Watt Powered Speaker

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The Yorkville NX750P-2 is the king of the NX series of self powered speakers. The NX750P-2 represents all of the advancements that Yorkville discovered while looking to create the perfect real world pro audio loudspeaker. Reliability and great sound are always the main concern at Yorkville. They delivered with this 15 inch two-way full range active speaker. The enclosure is made of injection molded polypropylene to handle the worst situations that life with a gigging musician can throw at it. The power module produces 750 watts of clean power to drive the NX750P-2 to a maximum sound pressure level of 133 decibels at peak performance. Inputs and outputs are made with your choice of 1/4 inch jacks or XLR connections. Yorkville uses a protection system in the NX750P-2 borrowed from their TX line of touring loudspeakers to keep the components safe from dangerous spikes in signal. As an added bonus, the rear panel allows for easy adjustment of bass and treble levels. High frequencies are dispersed through a rotatable horn that features an 80 by 50 degree pattern. Overall frequency response is unrivaled, coming in at an impressive 50Hz to 26kHz! Like the Yorkville NX550P, careful consideration was taken in the design process to ensure the NX750P-2 can easily be used in any orientation, and close to walls, floors and in close arrays with multiple cabinets. Particular care was taken designing the components to reduce extraneous heat production. The Yorkville NX750P-2 features a user defeatable, 100 Hz high pass filter that allows the loudspeaker to be used more efficiently with any Yorkville active subwoofer.

Features Of The Yorkville NX750P-2 Powered Speaker

  • Lightweight injection molded Polypropylene construction
  • Designed for use as a front of house or wedge floor monitor
  • 750 watt bi-amped power module
  • Resilient TX style processing and component protection
  • +6dB/-infinity input trim control for individual cabinet level adjustment
  • XLR and TRS inputs/outputs for easy connection and looping
  • Multi-input source mixer for direct inputs
  • Direct microphone input with level control
  • Bass and treble EQ controls
  • 1.5 inch high frequency driver
  • Easily installed using built-in flypoints
  • Full face metal grille
  • Recessed Mixer panel