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dB Technologies DVX DM15 TH 15 Inch Active Floor Monitor

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The dB Technologies DVX DM15 TH is a 1500 watt 2-way active stage monitor from dB Technologies that is equipped with a 15 inch neodymium heavy-duty woofer with a 4 inch voice coil. The DVX DM15 TH features a neodymium compression driver, a 1500 watt RMS Digipro G2 amplifier, and SMPS with PFC. The speaker also features phase-plug technology that helps the speaker in providing a correction of the phase and frequency response of the 15" woofer. The result is a coherent horizontal coverage and a great definition of the mid frequencies. Thanks to its high SPL, the DVX DM15 TH monitor is suitable for various applications. The DVX DM15 TH's frequency response can be regulated through the two preset equalizations: Flat EQ and TH EQ. 

By rotating the frontal panel, you change the monitor's orientation. This will invert the internal geometry of the speaker, moving the horn from the left side to right side, or vice versa. In addition, you can also couple two adjacent monitors' high frequency horns and avoid issues with comb filtering. The speaker comes with a logo which will indicate the internal disposition of the transducers. This will allow you to discern if a monitor is in a right or left configuration. For vertical usage, it is also possible to rotate the monitor's CD aluminium horn in order to optimize speaker dispersion and adapt it to the new configuration. Without any visible cables, the stage will look neat, thanks to inputs (PowerCon and XLR) on one side and the links on the other (PowerCon and XLR ). This disposition enables the positioning of the adjacent monitors without any space between the two boxes. As a result, the coupling effect will be optimized.

  • 55 Hertz to 16,000 Hertz
  • 136 decibels maximum sound pressure level
  • 90 by 40 degree dispersion
  • 1,500 watts RMS power
  • Class D power module
  • Weight: 63 pounds