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db Technologies DVX D15 HP High Output 15 Inch 2-Way Full Range Self Powered Speaker

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For years now, everybody has been getting into self powered speakers. However, dB Technologies has been in the business for quite a long time. The new DVX D15 HP active speaker is among the top offerings in todays portable, large venue self powered speakers. The DVX D15 HP is quite capable of rocking a large venue, especially when coupled with an active subwoofer. With 700 watts of onboard power, you'll never run out of headroom, making it an easy fit for medium to large size venues. So if you want an active speaker that sounds fantastic, the dB Technologies DVX D 15 active speaker is the perfect fit for you.

Important features of the DVX D15 HP active speaker:

  • 700 watt onboard amplifier
  • Weight: 66.8 pounds
  • Frequency response: 49 Hz to 20,000 Hz
  • XLR inputs and outputs
  • Multi-angle housing for use as front of house speaker or floor monitor