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RCF 4PRO 3031-A 15 Inch Full Range Active Speaker

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Mobile disc jockeys and musicians alike love 15 inch active speakers. Fifteen inch powered speakers can usually handle a medium to large sized gig without the need for subwoofers. This allows for lugging around less gear, and this in turn means quicker load in and load out. Discriminating musicians will love the tremendous output and clarity that the new RCF 4Pro 3031-A brings to the table. Packed with a digital amplifier module that can churn out 600 watts of RMS power, this active speaker stands out as a great value for the output. And boy, does it have output, up to 130 decibels! RCF is known for building rugged speakers that can take abuse, and this active speaker is built to uphold that tradition. Constructed of Baltic Birch, this active speaker also features a full length metal grill to protect the individual speaker components. If you want one of the best 15 inch active speakers on the market today, invest in a pair of RCF 4Pro 3031-As, you will be happy with your investment!

Specifications and Features of the RCF 4Pro 3031-A 15 Inch Active Speaker:

  • Digital 600 watt power amplifier module (RMS)
  • Tough Baltic birch enclosure
  • 15 inch precision RCF low frequency woofer with a 2.5 inch voicecoil
  • 1 inch compression driver with a 1.7 inch voicecoil
  • 90 degree by 60 degree coverage pattern
  • Maximum output of 130 decibels (SPL)
  • Weight: 61 pounds
  • XLR / 1/4 inch combo jack input
  • XLR output
  • 45 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz frequency response
  • Pole receptacle for use with speaker stands or pole over subwoofer
  • Three flytracks for added flexibility

Additional Information from the official RCF website:  The RCF 4PRO 3031-A is a two-way active bass reflex loudspeaker offering exceptional full range and accurate reproduction. It integrates a 600 watt digital amplifier, a complete electronicprocessor section and RCF low distortion, high power transducers. The system is compact and extremely linear and offers the typical balanced sound of high level two way systems.The 90 degree angle is wide enough to provide coverage of an audience when used one per side, yet narrow enough to allow displaying of multiple enclosures without excessive coverage overlap.The 15 inch woofer delivers a fast and accurate reproduction of the mid-bass frequency range and controlled deep bass while the 1 inch compression driver offers a very open and natural midrange sound and extreme precision high frequencies reproduction. The RCF 4PRO 3031-A comprises a 15 inch woofer and a 1.7 inch voicecoil compression driver that is mounted to a 90 x 60 degree constant directivity horn.The 4PRO 3031-A is equipped with a new generation, 600 watt digital amplifier, 400 watts for the woofer and 200 watts for the compression driver. The result of this combination is very high output, extremely low distortion and an incredibly natural sound. The amplifier presents both XLR/jack (Combo) balanced inputs, XLR output link, volume, a switchable EQ Mode (Contour)and a mic/line switch. The amplifier features a solid mechanical aluminum structure which not only stabilize the amplifier during transportation but also assist in the dissipation of heat.The processor section includes active crossover, system equalization, transducer phase alignment, limiter and protection functions. The system is visually monitored from 4 status LEDs. All components are housed in a strong Baltic birch plywood enclosure where high density polystyrene end caps guarantee maximum strength.The front of the speaker is protected by a strong, powder coated, metal grille. The cabinetfeatures two comfortable recessed side handles for easy portability.