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RCF 4PRO 2031-A 12 Inch Full Range Active Speaker

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Big sound sometimes comes from small packages, great sound always comes from RCF! The new RCF 4Pro 2031-A is an active speaker that features the musician approved combination of 12 inch woofer and 1 inch compression driver. At home with musicians or disc jockeys, this active speaker cranks up the volume with a maximum output of 129 decibels. That is more power then you have any right to expect from an active speaker of this size and in this price range. Since the beginning in 1949, RCF has always strived to deliver maximum value for the money and that goal has been reached yet again.

Specifications and Features of the RCF 4PRO 2031-A 12 Inch Two Way Active Speaker:

  • 600 watt internal power amplifier module (RMS)
  • Baltic Birch enclosure
  • Full face metal grill for speaker component protection
  • Maximum sound pressure level of 129 decibels
  • 45 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz frequency response
  • 90 by 60 degree coverage pattern
  • Weight: 49 pounds