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Lightweight Power Amplifiers

This section of Direct Pro Audio holds all the pro audio power amplifiers that we sell, that fall into a category we call "lightweight power amplifiers". In technical terms, it usually means that the power amplifiers use an output device that falls into Class D, Class H, or Class G. In terms that are easy to understand, it means that these amplifiers use a different type of power supply rather than the heavy toroidal transformer that we used to see in power amplifiers. It was this power transformer that caused them to weigh 50 to 100 pounds.

Lightweight power amplifiers have one drawback, but this drawback is subject to debate. The drawback lies in the power amplifiers ability to crank out bass. Some feel that lightweight amplifiers can not adequately control the low frequency signal that returns to it from a subwoofer. An amplifiers ability to exert control over a woofer is called damping factor. The lower this number is, the less tight and punchy the bass is. So, you may not decide that one of these power amplifiers is the right choice for you if you are going to be running a pair of dual 18 inch subwoofers.