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Drum Microphone Packs

To get the most out of your drum kit, you need a good set of microphones. Microphones specifically designed to handle the extreme sound pressure levels that you are going to slam them with during your performance. Drum microphones also need to be able to take the punishment that comes from a runaway drumstick. 

Here you will find our most popular drum microphone kits that each have their own special characteristics. Some have only a few microphones, say one for the kick drum and one for the snare. This is great for those gigs in smaller venues where the toms, and cymbals are going to be heard whether you mike them or not. Other drum microphone kits come with 7 or more microphones to cover toms, and overheads as well as the kick and snare drum.

The other great thing about these drum microphone kits, is that they are comprised of microphones that are specially designed to handle the rigors of life on a drum kit. They usually come with special brackets to attach the microphones directly to the drum kit, so you don't have to worry about squeezing in a mic stand between all your percussion gear. Call us at our toll free number if you have questions, we can help you find the perfect match to your application.