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Grundorf ML-12 12U Mighty Light Equipment Rack

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Thanks to innovative construction techniques and exclusive custom made materials available only to Grundorf, we are able to offer a new groundbreaking line of cases and racks appropriately named... Mighty Light!

Grundorf Mighty Light(TM) cases and racks are exactly that, very strong, yet very lightweight. Imagine having a 50 pound amplifier to lug around. Now you don't have to mount it in a rack that adds and additional 20 pounds of weight! With a Mighty Light(TM) rack you won't have to worry about the flimsy protection offered by plastic racks or the excessive weight of a typical ATA flight style rack. Now there is simply no need to sacrifice durability and peace-of-mind... for weight!Space for space, a new Mighty Light(TM) rack weighs up to 40% LESS then a typical plastic rack and 80% LESS then the cheap imported racks that are constructed of compressed particle or flake board. Who wants MORE weight and LESS strength? Not someone who has expensive gear to protect.

In addition to their weight and durability advantages, Mighty Light(TM) has some very cool features that help make your job easier:

  • Stackable Corners: Allows you to securely stack one Mighty Light(TM) rack atop another.
  • Cap Style Front Lid: Accommodates amplifiers with BIG handles that protrude from the face plate.
  • Ported Rear Lid: A built in port hole on the pressure fit rear lid allows your patch cables to exit the rear of the rack, with the lid on! This helps prevent curious fingers from re-patching your sound system while you are away!
  • Steel Reinforced Handles: Depending on rack size, every Grundorf Mighty Light(TM) comes standard with either a steel reinforced strap handle or spring loaded rubber grip handle.
  • Durable black carpet covering that shrugs off years of abuse
  • Real Rack Rail: No more dealing with annoying rack clips on plastic cases that are easy to lose... screw right into the rack rail!
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: That's right, your Grundorf Mighty Light(TM) case is guaranteed FOR LIFE to be free of original manufacturing defects to the original owner. See our warranty statement for details on the printed literature that came with your Mighty Light(TM) case.
  • Confidence in Time Proved Ruggedness and Innovation: 20 years ago, Grundorf Corporation was founded by touring musicians who understood the demanding rigors of the road. Our cases quickly became very popular, first in our local market, then nationwide. You can buy with confidence knowing that during the entire 20-year history of Grundorf, making literally tens of thousands of cases, there has never been a single case returned to us with a structural failure.
  • Weight: 18.60 lbs
  • Height: 22.75"
  • Width: 20.75"
  • Depth: 13.25" rack depth plus 2.25" in front of rack rail (inside lid) for a total of 16.5"

 A flat shipping fee of $10.00 will be added to this case due to weight/size....