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Pro Co LPP-30 ProPatch Series 30 Foot Instrument Patch Cable

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The professional roadies choice for pedalboard patch cables, Pro Patch features black ShowSavers connectors and ProCo's ArmorFlex oversized 120SX cable for a handsome cable with no mechanical handling noise and tremendous flexibility. Because it is designed as a patch cable for less stressful situations, the costs are dramatically reduced compared to its counterparts, but the sound performance is the same. Pro Patch cables lie down flat on stage, are cosmetically "cool" and are available in straight or right angle plug configurations.

  • Length: 30ft
  • Special Order Lengths and right angle connections available with quick turnaround.
  • Connector Options: -G&H Industries Black 1/4" Phone Plug (6.35mm) -G&H Industries Black 1/4" Male Right Angle Phone Plug (6.35mm)
  • Wire: 120SX
  • Assembly Method: Solder
  • Made in the USA