Pro Co DKQR-3 Dual RCA to 1/4" Stereo Patch Cable - 3ft

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Dual Keyboard cables were designed to connect todays stereo keyboard outputs to mixers for stage and recording use. They are constructed of two single conductor cables "twinned" together for ease of use and transportation and are offered with ShowSavers 1/4" phone plugs or ProCo HD RCA male ends to accommodate a wide variety of input and outputs.

  • Dual RCA to 1/4" Stereo Patch Cable - 3ft length
  • QQ (1/4" to 1/4") configurations, RR (RCA to RCA) configurations and QR (1/4" to RCA) configurations, to connect consumer gear (RCA) to semi-pro (1/4") gear
  • Twinned single-conductor ArmorFlex jacketed spiral shield wire (Pro Co 2120SM)
  • G & H brand 1/4" phone plugs and Pro Co HD RCA connectors
  • 10 year warranty