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RCF is world famous for the fantastic powered ans passive speakers that they manufacture. Now get ready for their next big innovation, pro audio mixers. The RCF L-Pad 6 provides a bunch of crystal clear output in a surprisingly small footprint. Perfect for those small gigs where you don't need a million inputs. 

  • 2 mono INPUT + 2 stereo INPUT
  • 3band/2band EQ
  • 1 AUX send
  • 2 Microphone inputs
  • 48 volt phantom power
  • Two stereo line inputs
  • One stereo return

With two transparent sound mic inputs, two stereo line inputs and the 2tk in/out, the RCF L-PAD 6 is the ideal tool for one man bands, speech, background music diffusion and parties. Thanks to the accurate Italian design L-PAD 6 is easy to grab and handle in all the situations. It is possible to install L-PAD 6 on a mic stand with the dedicated accessories.

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