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The Mackie ProFX22v2 is just the right size for bands and venues that need 16 microphone channels, plus the ability to plug in some stereo sources as well. But Mackie wasn't content to stop there! You will also find that you have USB interface, a bank of great sounding effects, some silky-smooth microphone preamps, plus 60mm faders to make attaining the perfect mix a breeze! Check out some of these features: 

  • 22 line level inputs
  • 16 super low-noise Vita microphone preamps 
  • ReadyFX effects engine has 16 effects which include reverbs, delays, and choruses
  • 7-band graphic equalizer for taming mains or monitor speakers
  • 2 aux output can be used for monitor mixes, venue sound systems, feeding external effects units
  • 3-band equalizer features sweepable mids and a 100 Hertz low-cut filter on every channel
  • 48-volt phantom power is featured on all microphone inputs/channels
  • High volume headphone output has separate level control for easy monitoring
  • Road rash is no problem thanks to the steel chassis and ABS side protection
  • Output choices include: Balanced XLR and balanced/unbalanced 1/4-inch 
  • FX mute can be remote controlled by way of a footswitch
  • Super cool "Break" switch mutes all channels for music playback while you take a breather between sets
  • USB for playback music and recording with a Mac or PC
  • Tracktion recording software included
  • 4 subgroups allow for professional results everytime
  • Individual channel mutes and overload indication
  • 4 channels of single-knob compression takes the guess-work out of the mystery of audio compression!
  • 60mm faders
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