APEX162 Mini Stereo Condenser Field Recording Microphone

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Probably the most unique microphone in the line, the Apex162 is a true stereo mini condenser microphone designed specifically for use with minidisc recorders or portable dat machines. The 1/8th inch mini TRS connector is fixed directly to the microphone and mounted on a swivel base allowing the mic to be angled up to 90 degrees forward when attached directly to a recording device. A 14 foot mini TRS extension cable is included for maximum versatility. The Apex162 requires 1.5-volt DC phantom power to operate. Ideal for event recording, Electronic News Gathering, ambiance recording or for use in broadcast, the small and inconspicuous Apex162 is shipped with pop filters and a five-meter cable with TRS 1/8th inch mini-jack. Small and inconspicuous design makes the Apex162 ideal for use in any application where quality stereo recording is required, yet the microphone itself needs to be virtually invisible.