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As the name implies, the DP-7 contains 7 microphones. At the heart of the mic system is the popular D6 dynamic microphone for kick drum. For snare drum, the i-5 is provided; for rack toms there are two D2 mics, for floor tom there is a D4, and for overheads there are two ADX51 condenser microphones with pad and roll-off. Additiionally there are 4 D-Vice rim mounting clips which eliminate the need for mic stands for snare and toms. The entire miking kit is packaged in a convenient aluminum carrying case.The DP Series microphones, developed for professional live sound, recording, and broadcast applications, are considered by a growing number of artists and engineers to be the very best instrument microphones available today.

  • 1 x i-5 snare mic
  • 2 x D2 tom mic
  • 1 x D4 floor tom mic
  • 1 x D6 kick drum
  • 2 x ADX51 - condenser (overhead) mics
  • 4 x D-Vice (gooseneck clip)
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