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When it comes to drum and percussion microphones, Audix has clearly become the industry leader. These American-made instrument microphones are designed to fill the specific needs of artists and engineers for both studio and live applications.Each D-series microphone consists of a VLM (very low mass) capsule housed in a precision machined lightweight aluminum body. The compact size, in conjunction with the newly designed D-vice gooseneck clip, allows for quick and easy set up and perfect mic placement. The ADX-51 (DP3), SCX-1c and SCX1-hc (DP-Elite) are excellent condenser microphones for overheads, cymbals, and a wide variety of acoustic instruments.Dont compromise the sound of your instrument. The DP series mic packages reproduce the sound of acoustic instruments exactly how you want your audience to hear them. The DP-ELITE includes:

  • Aluminum road case
  • 1 x D1
  • 2 x D2
  • 2 x D4
  • 2 x SCX1-c (cardioid)
  • 1 x SCX1-hc (hypercardioid)
  • 4 x D-Vice (gooseneck clip)


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