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This item includes a single 20 roll of Flexstrip, Blue in color.

ELATION FLEXLED TAPE is a very thin and flexible LED circuit strip mounted inside a silicone water proof sleeve. It can be cut every 2inches and put back together using simple soldering techniques and silcone seal kit. It comes available in RGB and Single Color versions. High output, low heat and easy installation make this product the ideal product for a variety of applications.

FLEX RGB WP tapeThe single color tapes are prefabricated in 20'Spools with 120 x 2 black circuit strips holding 3 SMD LEDS each for a total of 360 120° SMD LEDs.You will need a 12V power supply and a control option to make the tapes work. The Power supplies offered are UL and CSA approved. There are two options available to operate the FLEX single color tape.


Option 1: A simple 12V Power supply that will power on the tape. You will need some type of power interrupter switch them on and off.

Option 2: A DMX driver X-DIMMER-1 that will give you 1 DMX channels and allow you to use the DMX controller of your choice. This will allow you 0-100% dimming and program intensity levels of your choice.


  • Avg. Rated Life: 30,000hrs
  • LED Spacing: 16.6mm (.65)
  • Dimensions: 11.5mm (.45) W x .15mm (.005) D
  • Operating Temperature: -40 degrees C to 80 degrees C
  • Tape adhesive temperatures: -30 degrees C to 90 degrees C
  • Total power consumption of the FLEX RGB tape is 43.2 watts at full power 10'
  • Total power consumption of the FLEX Single color is 28.8 watts

Optional Accessories

  • FLEX EC20: CM 20cm extension (8.5")
  • FLEX EC3M: 1 meter extension (3'3")
  • FLEX RGBC: Control Box
  • WR LED: Wireless Remote
  • FLEX RGBA: Amplifier '
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