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Rack Mounted Remote Control Monitor - With Key Switch  While the CQ Series products can be remotely activated with any contact closure, Juice Goose produces RC-5 accessory line is an economical remote control and monitor device. The RC5 operates any Juice Goose CQ Series of sequenced power distribution devices. For installations where securing the sequence controller against unauthorized operation is not an issue Juice Goose introduces the RC5-RS which provide all the functionality of the existing key switch devices, but with the convenience of a simple rotary switch control.The RC5 requires no external power supply and connects with the same simple RJ-12 cable that is used to connect the CQ units.


  • Security Control
  • Sequence Up, Sequence Down and Pause Capability
  • Indicator Lights for Sequence Operation, Sequence Completion and System Status

All CQ Series products feature multiple pairs of power outputs, Power Pods(TM), which are turned on every 2 seconds. Equipment to be powered plugs directly into the CQ device. All CQ models have the ability to transmit a sequence command to another CQ unit or to receive a remote sequence command from another CQ unit or from an RC5 Remote Control/Monitor accessory or any contact closure. In this way, any CQ Series product can be a master or slave unit.A power sequencing system can be built from several CQ Series products which can be selected depending on the specific requirements of a particular installation: number and location of circuits, current (amps) requirement of circuit, number of control locations, number of sequence events. Select only the specific CQ Series products to meet a specific requirement.The time delay between sequence events is 2 seconds, controlled by the CQ Series software. The order in which powered equipment is turned on depends on which Pod that equipment is plugged into and where that Pod is located relative to the entire CQ system.

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