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The Juice Goose CQ-2000 and CQ-2200, along with the other products in the CQ Series, provide a versatile and powerful means of remotely activating AC power in a sequenced array for application to both sensitive and high amperage equipment. CQ Series products need no additional controllers. Each contains the circuitry to be activated by a simple contact closure and to perform in coordination with other CQ devices. All power down sequences are exact reversals of the power up sequences.

OPERATION  The CQ-2000 is a 20 amp hardwire model featuring two AC power outputs. This is a single sequence event device that can be a stand-alone remote control module or can be included with a more extensive power sequencing system. In a typical CQ system the CQ- 2000 is used to control power to an amplifier which is activated after the audio signal source equipment is turned on. In this configuration the CQ-2000 is connected by way of six wire modular phone cable to another CQ device. No time delay settings or additional equipment is required. All CQ units will automatically turn on and off in the proper sequence.The CQ-2200 features two duplex receptacles, each with its own preset turn on and off timing. When used to power amplifiers each of the CQ-2200s sequence events will be triggered after a previous CQ device has completed its sequenced turn on. Because the CQ- 2200 activates its outlets in two stages it is useful as a stand-alone sequencer, being triggered by a contact closure or a Juice Goose RC-5 key switch. It can also increase the number of amplifiers powered on a single circuit without risk of inrush tripping a circuit breaker. 

CONTROL LINE CONNECTION  All CQ products can be easily controlled by way of either 8 wire, RJ-45 or 6 wire, RJ-12 cable. Each CQ has a Sequence Signal Input and Output connector on the chassis. This communication link allows any CQ device to be installed at any stage in a power sequencing system and act as a power sequencer or controller. There is no limit to the number of CQ devices that can be connected in this manner.Because the sequence process is controlled with a latching contact closure the system can be activated with a custom mounted single pole switch, a relay, the control switch on the CQ device itself or a Juice Goose RC-5 key switch control accessory. It can also be activated with controllers from Crestron, AMX and other manufacturers.

CONTROLS AND MONITORS  The CQ-2000 and 2200 feature a three position switch on the front of the chassis. This switch is active only if there is no control cable on the Sequence Signal Input connector. When active, this switch allows the unit to sequence up or sequence down and to control the sequencing of any unit connected to the Sequence Signal Output connector.On switch position allows the CQ-2000 or 2200 to be manually operated, overriding the control circuit in the unlikely event of a fault or failure. Lights on the front of the chassis allow monitoring of the unit operation. The PROCESSOR light will blink to indicate the control processor on the unit is functioning. The POD lights are illuminated as a result of contact closure by the CQ relays, indicating that actual relay closure has occurred.


  • Chassis: 6 gauge steel - mounts through holes in back box
  • Dimensions: 5.5H x 6.4W x 3.75D
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Circuit Breaker: 20A thermal on side of the chassis
  • Relay Current Rating: 30A
  • Number of Sequence Events: CQ-2000 one, CQ-2200 two
  • Power Input: Hard wire through strain relief on back box
  • Power Output, NEMA 5/20R: CQ-2000 two, CQ-2200 four
  • Input Voltage: US standard (120 VAC @60Hz)
  • Signal Connections: Either RJ-45 eight wire or RJ-12 six wire cable
  • Monitor Features: Monitor lights correlate to processor and relay operation


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