CAD 878HL-2 Omnidirectional Dynamic Desk Top Microphone with Locking Push to Talk Switch

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The 878HL is a dual impedance, omnidirectional dynamic microphone offering modern styling and features in a rugged Cycolac housing for all industrial and commercial public address and paging applications. A slight rise above 200 Hz gives the 878HL a natural and highly intelligible sound. The 878HL offers a long life DPDT leaf switch with three types of switch activation; a momentary push bar, a locking on/off switch and lift-to-talk operation. The 878HL is manufactured to take abuse and retain its performance and appearance over a long life.

Four molded, non-skid, non-marring, permanently resilient shock isolation “feet” are located under the base. The high or low impedance selector switch is located on the bottom of the microphone. The 878HL is supplied with 2.1m (7 ft.) of four conductor, two shielded, cable wired normally open for relay control. If a line-shorting switch function is desired, the 878HL can be easily rewired in the field.


  • Operating Principle: Moving Coil Dynamic 
  • Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional 
  • Frequency Response: 80Hz - 12KHz 
  • Sensitivity HiZ: -43 dBV (7.2 mV) @ 1 Pa 
  • Sensitivity LoZ: -56 dBV (1.0 mV) @ 1Pa 
  • Impedance HiZ: 40K ohms 
  • Impedance LoZ: 400 ohms 
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