Sennheiser Pro Audio & Studio Headphones

by Jason

Sennheiser headphones are a personal favorite of mine. For a little background, I own a set of Audio Technica ATH-M50's, a set of Aerial 7 Tanks, and the very popular Sennheiser HD280Pro.

Headphones are built with different uses in mind, and Sennheiser offers about as many choice in their headphone line as you could possibly hope for. For mobile disc jockeys our best-seller is by far the HD201. The Sennheiser HD201 offers DJ's the ability to get anough volume out of their headphones to allow them to create a perfect mix, even when they are in a nightclub or other venue with extremely loud ambient noise.

For listening at home, or time in the studio, I reach for my Sennheiser HD280Pro's. These guys are the real deal, and at around $100.00 bucks, they are almost untouchable for the quality of sound, the comfort when worn for long periods of time, and the rugged build quality that makes these a perfect investment when money is tight.

For sportscasters and broadcasters of all types, Sennheiser makes a variety of boomset headphones, you know the kind that are not only headphones, but also have a microphone that swivels to cover your mouth. Radio stations love these for interviews, and I even know of some private pilots who use them when flying.

Earbud headphones are a quick seller at Direct Pro Audio. I was never a big fan of these until they started to come out with multiple sizes of earbuds all provided in each individual package. That way, I can select the perfect fit for my funky ear shape. In addition, they stay in place while running, jogging or lifting weights in the gym. Nothing makes a workout more bearable than a good set of tunes.

Noise cancelling headphones are the current rage. Not only do frequent flyers buy them, but they are also purchased by people who suffer migranes, as they do a wonderful job of cancelling out the noises that cause the migranes to continue or to worsen. Soem upper-crust families also buy these for their children who are watching different programs on the rear LCD screen in their vans and SUV's.

As always, you are the best judge for what type of headphone is best for you. The guidelines above simply are there to explain to you the vast amount of options currently available to you in the wide world of pro audio / studio headphones. Give us a call, if your stuck, we will help you out, and we are NOT high pressure people! 866-444-8090.