Are Yorkville pro audio products worth the hype?

by Jason

Yorkville Sound was just another speaker company, until I was "forced" to try them out in my showroom. Those of us in the pro audio retail world always have a product rep who comes in and says his stuff is the best thing since sliced bread. I resisted Yorkville products like the plague. I already was a dealer for every speaker company known to man, so why did I need yet another one?

Well, as the afternoon wore on, the Yorkville rep told me he was going to ship me some speakers to try out. He told me to send some out on rentals, and if it didn't get people to buy some Yorkville speakers, he would gladly pick them up himself, and buy me a big fat steak dinner for my trouble. I had nothing to lose, so I had the speakers delivered.

The Yorkville speakers arrived in well built boxes, and there was no shipping damage. (Usually some shipping damage occurs, but Yorkville had these in boxes that where very thick and well constructed). For the first couple of days the boxes sat up against a wall in the front of the showroom, unopened except for when I checked for shipping damage. Two days after the arrival of the speakers, a long-time customer said it was about time I picked up the Yorkville brand. If they are that great, I wondered, why hadn't anyone said anything to me until now?

Well, the first weekend I sent some Y115's out with a guy who was absolutely pissed that I gave him Yorkville's. Although he said he had never used them, he had heard nothing but terrible things about them. I asked who from, he said he couldn't remember. Ok, so Monday comes, and he buys the speakers as they were brand new since he was the only one to have used them. That was 2004, and he still gigs with them today (2014).

Shortly thereafter we began filling the rental department with a particular Yorkville gem, the LS800P single 18 inch subwoofer. I had many mobile DJs who normally rented dual 18's take offense when I told them that this single 18 inch powered subwoofer would be all they needed. To make a long story short, they took four and when they returned them following the gig, they said they could only use two. It seems that four was way too loud, if only they had listened to me!

In short, no matter what line of Yorkville speakers you go with, and no matter what Yorkville speaker line is in your budget, you WILL get the best that your money can buy at that price. We now swear by all Yorkville products, from their Elite line of speakers to their ground breaking Unity series. Yes, they are fantastic and have become among my personal favorites.