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Black Friday Weekend 2014 Sale


Black Friday Weekend Sale

To celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, Direct Pro Audio is throwing a Black Friday Weekend Sale! Check out the specific product deals below.

In addition to the great deals below, take 10% off all orders this weekend.

Use promo code gobblegobble

 Sale runs Wednesday November 26th at 6:00 PM to Tuesday December 2nd at 8:00 AM central time. Minimum purchase $50.00

The following products have special sale prices. Hurry, quantities of these items are limited, and no additional discounts can be applied to these products..

Active Speaker Awesomeness

It's about time to retired you old crusty carpeted passive speakers, and step up to the sonic clarity, and convenience of a lightweight powered speaker. All are in stock!

Niagara Audio NAS15A - $279.00

Yorkville has introduced a game changing powered speaker line, the Niagara products. This particular speaker is the Niagara Audio NAS15A which features a high power 15 inch low frequency transducer and a 1 inch compression driver.

Housed in a rugged enclosure and sporting the "two year even if you break it warranty, the NAS15A is soon to be a favorite among mobile disc jockeys and musicians alike. Power is supplied by a 200 watt amplifier module that is built with dependability in mind. For years you have trusted Yorkville products to provide unmatched value at unmatched prices, now the Niagara NAS15A is here to carry on that tradition. It is even outfitted with a slick built-in mixer for multiple audio inputs.

JBL EON615 - $499.99

The famous JBL Professional EON line has just been given a major upgrade. The new JBL EON615 is the latest release in the EON family. Able to reach a very high output of up to 127 decibels, the EON 615 also manages to tip the scales at a very manageable 39 pounds.

New low price: $499.99

Yamaha DXR15 - $699.99

The sonic clarity and depth of the Yamaha's DXR15 powered loudspeakers will surprise you, part of their new DXR/DXS line of Class D-powered PA speakers. Housed in durable, compact ABS enclosures, the 15" DXR15 two-way speakers represent Yamaha's latest sound reinforcement technology.

DXR15 speakers pack awesome performance into an efficient design that's perfect for the working musician that's on the go. It also has a built-in three-channel mixer, so it's great for those smaller, simpler shows.

Audio-Technica System 10 Rebates: $25.00

Check out this great $25.00 rebate from Audio-Technica on System 10 2.4 Ghz Wireless Microphones

Thanks for following Direct Pro Audio, and have a safe and fun holiday weekend! 

Using the RF Venue Diversity Fin to Eliminate Wireless Microphone Interference

"Multi-path interference is the most common cause of wireless drop-outs, and if you can get rid of multi-path, you can get rid of a good number of headaches. A new antenna from Boston based RF Venue, the Diversity Fin, can eliminate multi-path drop-outs by using a novel technique called polarization diversity, all in a single [...]

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The Superiority of Audix Microphones

At heart I'm an Audio Technica guy. So let me start out by telling you that Audio Technica and Audix are my two favorite brands of pro audio microphones. As far as Audix is concerned there are plenty of reasons to invest your hard earned money into an Audix microphone. First reason is that I [...]

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Are Yorkville pro audio products worth the hype?

Yorkville Sound was just another speaker company, until I was "forced" to try them out in my showroom. Those of us in the pro audio retail world always have a product rep who comes in and says his stuff is the best thing since sliced bread. I resisted Yorkville products like the plague. I already [...]

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Sennheiser Pro Audio & Studio Headphones

Sennheiser headphones are a personal favorite of mine. For a little background, I own a set of Audio Technica ATH-M50's, a set of Aerial 7 Tanks, and the very popular Sennheiser HD280Pro.Headphones are built with different uses in mind, and Sennheiser offers about as many choice in their headphone line as you could possibly hope for. For mobile disc jockeys our [...]

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Powered subwoofers, as good as passive, or better?

Powered subwoofers are among our best-selling items at Direct Pro Audio and they are among our most rented item in our rental department. There are many reasons why people select powered subwoofers over passive subwoofers. Here are the most common reasons that pro audio professionals choose powered subwoofers.First, in any active speaker the manufacturer has [...]

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What is a three-way active or self-powered speaker?

Three-way active loudspeakers are pro audio speakers that contain 3 different speakers in one enclosure, as well as a power amplifier module built-in so that an external power amplifier is not needed. [...]

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What is the benefit to active or self-powered speakers?

Put simply, active speakers are full range speakers, or subwoofers that have an amplifier module built-in to them. This means you no longer need to carry an external power amplifier around with you. This can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to set-up and tear-down at gigs.Active speakers are also sometimes called powered [...]

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Pro audio crossovers: what do they do and why should I have one?

Crossovers take an audio signal and divide it up into several different frequencies. There are many ways to hook up a pro audio system, but let me just show you how a crossover is used in the most basic of audio circumstances.You collect all of your audio inputs from microphones, to MP3 players, and you [...]

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Sound Pressure Levels - How much is too much?

Experts agree that continued exposure to sounds pressure levels (SPL) above 85 dBA over time, will cause hearing loss. To know if a sound is loud enough to damage your hearing, it is important to know both the SPL (measured in decibels, dBA) and the length of exposure to the sound. In general, the louder [...]

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