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  • Three Button On/Off Pedal / Latching Footswitch with LEDs
  • Channel Switch/ Effect Bypass/ On/Off Switches
  • Rubberized Non-Slip Foot Pad
  • Two Heavy Duty 10' Cables with 1/4-inch jacks
  • Non-Slip Base


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Width: 1.00
Height: 1.00
Depth: 1.00
GTIN: 840402018063
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4 Stars
Perfect for customizing

I purchased the AFS3 without being able to find out too much about it, other than it has three switches w/LED indicators. Once it arrived, I discovered that it's intended as a dedicated remote specifically for a Traynor guitar amp. Since my goal is to use it as a "bypass" control for three Lexicon FX units in my guitar rack this wasn't exactly what I was hoping for. That said, the AFS3 appears to be mechanically sturdy and the switches/connectors (it has a female 1/4" TS and a female 1/4" RTS on the back panel) are of good quality. Bottom line: less than $25 US gets you a solid pedal ready for modifications! So, out comes the screwdriver and multimeter – and what I found is that each of the switches is a DPDT with each LED attached to one side of each switch, leaving the other side open for making a connection to the connectors that will plug into the Lexicon units. I've decided that I'll install either a D6F or RJ45 connector on the rear panel and build a cable to go to the FX units in my guitar rack, and the only decision to make is whether I'll use a battery in the AFS3 to "locally" power the LED's or use a "wall-wart" in the guitar rack and run power back to the AFS3 in the cable assembly. All in all, a solid piece and a bargain at the price – and cosmetically better than what can be built for the same money.